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Prenatal Massage

Your body is forming a new life. How Exciting! During pregnancy, your body is going through many changes. These adjustments might put a toll on your body.


The overall benefits for both mom and baby may include:

  • Improves blood circulation throughout the body during the pregnancy.

  • Reduces swelling in mom’s legs and feet by keeping blood and lymphatic fluids flowing.

  • Helps reduce mom’s sciatica pain as the baby gets bigger.

  • Helps the baby to relax as mom is relaxing.

  • Prepares the moms body for labor and delivery.


Some women may be hesitant to get a prenatal massage because they’re afraid that if a therapist touches a certain spot that they will be put into labor. This misconception isn’t necessarily true, especially if the therapist is properly trained, there is open communication between the therapist and the client, and proper precautions are taken.


To insure comfort and the safety of the mom to be, I use a set up called “sidelining” during the massage. The client will be supported with pillows and bolsters while she is laying on her side. This will allow me to work on half her of her body, at a time.


If you are expecting a lovely bundle of joy, and wanting to get some relief from you discomforts during the pregnancy, set up an appointment today. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, and I will personally go over them with you.

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